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Whether you're a experienced developer or just starting out, our Tailwind CSS UI Kit simplifies the process of building beautiful, responsive web applications.

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Elevate your web development projects with our comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted components, all coded with the ease and efficiency of Tailwind CSS.

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Our UI Kit enhances your productivity and design capabilities. Save time, focus on creativity, and bring your ideas to life faster with the simplicity of Tailwind CSS.

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// React
import { Button } from '@/components';

export default function Preview() {
  return (
    <Button size="large">
      Check It!

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Discover an extensive range of ready-to-use UI components, from navigation bars to modals, grids to buttons. Tailor them to your project's needs effortlessly with the flexibility of Tailwind CSS classes.

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"Tailframes is a designer's dream come true. The attention to detail in each component lets me create sleek interfaces effortlessly."

Inga Gościńska

Senior Product Designer, Ibexa

"The well-crafted components and easy-to-use code snippets make it seamless to integrate into our projects. It's a time-saver for backend developers aiming for efficiency and clean integration."

Maciej Kot

Backend Developer, Codibly

"It's is a game-changer! The pre-designed components and preview features save me time and can make my projects visually stunning."

Michał Caba

Design System Manager, Morele

"Tailframes significantly accelerates frontend development. Well-documented code snippets and seamless React integration make projects more efficient and maintainable."

Tomasz Mańka

Senior Frontend Developer, Codibly


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