Everything you should understand regarding the Tailframes licensing structure.

You can:

  • Utilize the Components to generate an unlimited number of End Products.
  • Adapt the Components to produce derivative components, all governed by this license.
  • Create limitless End Products for numerous clients using the Components.
  • Produce End Products for sale to End Users using the Components.
  • Develop End Products, based on the Components, that are open source and accessible to End Users at no cost.

You can’t:

  • Utilize the Components to craft End Products intended for enabling End Users to construct their End Products utilizing either the Components or modified versions thereof.
  • Distribute the Components or modified versions thereof independently from an End Product, either in code or as design elements.
  • Utilize the Components to create anything that, at their sole discretion, deems to be competitive or conflicting with their business.

Example usage

  • Developing a personal website independently.
  • Developing a website or web application for a client, which will be owned by them.
  • Developing a commercial SaaS application (such as an invoicing app) where users are charged an access fee.
  • Developing a commercial self-hosted web application sold to users for a single payment.
  • Creating a web application with a primary function other than component redistribution (like a conference organization app utilizing components for its UI), offered as free and open source, with publicly accessible source code.

Examples of usage not allowed by the license:

  • Building a collection of preferred components (or variations derived from them) and sharing it publicly.
  • Developing a Tailwind or React alternative of and offering it for purchase or free distribution.
  • Designing a UI kit in Figma or Sketch, etc., inspired by component designs.
  • Constructing a "website builder" project allowing users to create their websites with components or derivatives.
  • Crafting themes, templates, or project starter kits utilizing components, available for sale or free.

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