Explore the Tailframes UI Kit and learn how to use it in your projects.

Getting Started

Welcome to Tailframes – your go-to UI kit crafted to streamline and elevate the web application development experience with Tailwind CSS. Tailframes presents a variety of pre-designed components and sections, each available in different styles, empowering developers to effortlessly create responsive and visually captivating interfaces.

Our UI kit proves invaluable by bridging the gap left by plain Tailwind CSS and enabling developers to expedite their projects with ready-to-use elements, thus ultimately boosting efficiency and simplifying the development process.

We've carefully crafted each component and section to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience. Whether you prefer the dynamic power of React or the simplicity of raw HTML, we've got you covered. Designed with Responsive Web Design principles in mind, every component ensures optimal performance across various devices.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use Device Preview feature, allowing you to seamlessly visualize each component's desktop and mobile versions, ensuring a consistently exceptional user experience.

Make coding a breeze with our Copy to Clipboard feature. Just click to effortlessly snag and paste the visible code snippet you need. Simplify your workflow and bring your projects to life with ease.

Explore and experiment with the components using pre-built HTML/JS code snippets available on CodePen and accessible through button.

Let's dive in and make your development journey delightful!

Using Tailframes

Let's take a closer look at the following example based on one of the Avatar component's variants.


1<!-- Avatar Circle Image Medium -->
2<div class='relative box-content flex items-center justify-center overflow-hidden rounded-full size-10 bg-white'>
3  <img src='' alt='' class='aspect-square'>
6<!-- Avatar Circle Image Small -->
7<div class='relative box-content flex items-center justify-center overflow-hidden rounded-full size-8'>
8  <img src='' alt='' class='aspect-square'>

Avatar Circle Image

As you can see, our code snippets incorporate informative comments, providing valuable guidance for developers or users navigating and customizing these components.

The majority of components function seamlessly without the need for JavaScript, offering a plug-and-play experience. However, for specific HTML components, such as Tabs, additional JavaScript code is essential to enable interactivity. You can easily identify these instances in the provided code snippets, clearly labeled as Require JS  .


1import { Avatar } from '@/components';
3export default function Preview() {
4  return (
5    <>
6      <Avatar size="medium" src="" />
7      <Avatar size="small" src="" />
8    </>
9  );

Avatar Circle Image

Tailframes' React components are not designed as a conventional library you install as a dependency - you won't find them on npm. Instead, think of them as a bunch of standalone components waiting for you to copy-paste directly into your project. This approach provides you with greater control and flexibility, allowing seamless customization and easy modifications according to your project's specific needs.


The components serve as just a foundational building block. Their true potential unfolds in our pre-designed sections, where they seamlessly integrate with other elements, creating a cohesive synergy. In these meticulously crafted blocks, each component plays a specific role, contributing to the overall user experience.

Whether your goal is to achieve a polished and modern interface design or create a functional and user-friendly application, our sections offer a framework that will seamlessly align with your project objectives.

GitHub repository

You can clone or download the source files for each React component from the official Tailframes react-components GitHub repository.

Feel free to get involved! Open an issue, request a feature, or start a discussion. Your feedback is essential to make Tailframes even better 🫶. And, of course, follow the project for latest updates and give the project a star if you like what you see!

Discord Community

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